Boarding School

Since a lot of our students live far away from the school, and since some of our students are orphans and don’t have a place to live. Also due to the current political situation, some of our students cannot make it to the school in a daily bases. We are planning to add a boarding section to our school, to host several of our students, to provide them with shelter and to always keep them under our direct supervision. This way we make sure that those children will always make it to school, and will always have the needed attention and support.

In order for us to achieve our vision, we will need to add more classrooms, new facilities, recruit additional teachers/staff, and building new rooms and facilities for the boarding school. Due to the limited income resources for the school and due to the current harsh political and economical situation, the only way to advance our services and keep helping our needy children is through the generous donations from other people. Therefore, we are calling on you to help and support our school, so we can keep putting the smiles on the needy children’s faces. (Click here to learn how you can support us)