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The school present programs try to rehabilitate older children through a vocational program, and serve younger children through an academic program. The vocational program emphasizes life skills development by making carved Olive Wood articles and Christmas hangers, while the academic program emphasizes on the necessary education needs of the child in his/her daily life.


Teaches the young children toread and write alphabets and numbers, to identify pictures and figures and to exhibit their creative abilities in drawing pictures, building blocks,singing, dancing and so on. For olderchildren they are taught English, Arabic,Mathematics, Science, Computer, and other subjects.


Includes physical exercises like running, jumping, outdoor and indoor games, and several other activities that entertains, educates, and keeps the children in good physical shape.


Several instructors provide the older children with the training and tecnieques of carving Olive wood (which is a popular source of incoum in the Bethlehem area). The children are learning how to make Olive Wood articles such as Crosses, birds, fishes, Nativity Sets, and wooden Christmas hangers. Profit out of selling these items is being used as an income source for the school. You can buy such items and in the same time support those children. (click here to know how)



The school also recognizes the importance of entertainment and sports in the development of a healthy child. We conduct several entertainment activities such as:
  • Birthday parties for each child.

  • Christmas/New Year’s parties.

  • Field trips to historical and educational places.

  • In addition to several sporting events.

All of those activities are free of charge, and each child is presented with gifts and presents during such events.



The school charges only very nominal fees for its services, and that too from only those who can afford to pay. Poor students are excepted from paying fees of all kinds. The school also provides food and drinks to the children during the day.

The school owns only one small van that is used to transport the poor students to and from the school, while the other children pay money to taxies to provide them with transportation. Since we only have one van we can only provide free transportation to a limited number of our students. A lot of our students had to drop out of our school because they can’t afford to pay for their transportation. Therefore, one of our immediate needs is to buy new van or bus to be able to provide all of our students with transportation. We are looking for generous donations to provide the needed transportations for our students, thus preventing them from going back to streets.

We promote the education, training and advancement in life of children and young persons